After the public announcement of Eventtool, we were overwhelmed by the response from everyone. It is inspiring to hear that so many people don’t accept the extreme service fees of the ticket providers anymore.

This enthusiasm has given us a big boost in the past weeks to further develop Eventtool. This made it possible to use the first workable version of the accreditation and ticket system at the largest hockey tournament in Europe, Hockeyloverz! During these two weekends the system, the server infrastructure and the accompanying apps were extensively tested with real people and real-time data. The purpose of the tests were to determine whether the app is user-friendly and works well under pressure. This was certainly the case, which enables us to quickly release the apps in the app stores!

All of the positive responses have helped us enormously in the past few weeks to make the most of it. We are now well ahead of schedule!

We have also worked on the design of the ticket shops, which will be workable on different channels. The shop can currently be visited via an external link. Moreover, it will soon be possible to embed this shop on your own website. Other channels such as Facebook will be implemented later. Both the online and offline infrastructure is now as good as finished.

The offline infrastructure, thanks to our hardware supplier R&S, is provided with a versatile distribution network. This allows the scanners to be easily leased to organizations. The online infrastructure ensures that the ticket shops function independently of the Eventtool platform. This means the shops are always online and it maintains the optimum speed.

The network is almost finished and next week we will do the first load tests, simulating hundreds of thousands of visitors. You can read the results of these tests in the following blog.