Eventtool is a platform for managing activities related to the ticketing and accreditation of an event. The platform is unique because of its unprecedented low cost. How is that possible? Your visitor pays, without leaving the ticketshop, through a payment provider that you can choose (currently: Adyen, Mollie or Stripe). This means that Eventtool remains completely out of the payment system, you have your money immediately and no service costs are charged.

With a large toolkit of possibilities within the platform, you therefore have all the tools you need to be able to switch on the autopilot responsibly.
For anyone who sells tickets, manages guest lists or wants to keep track of accreditations in a professional event platform.
Software support for Eventtool is available 7 days a week via live chat. In case of an emergency, you can call a special malfunction number where you will be helped quickly. So you are never on your own!
Absolutely! The development of Eventtool is currently in its final stage and once the platform has been launched, we will need all the help we can get. Please fill in the contact form and we'll be happy to talk to you!


On November 1st we will officially go live. Before that time you can use all our working betas. Didn't you pre-record Eventtool? Then you won't get the opportunity to use Eventtool until 2020 (date not yet known) at a higher rate.
Of course, we are very happy with your support! We will therefore inform you about the latest developments every month by e-mail. The updates relate to various topics; for example, you will receive a developer's blog to keep track of us and you will receive a demo of Eventtool in time!
With the help of pre-orders we can go online with a select group of users who can possibly provide us with feedback. In addition, we would like to invest in the sustainable optimisation of Eventtool and that comes with a price tag.
By pre-ordering, you are among the very first users of this advanced ticket system and that gives you a lot of lucrative advantages. For example, you will benefit from a unique low price and you will be there first when new features are offered. In addition, you will benefit from substantial discounts for life.


Eventtool works on all modern browsers, both on mobile and desktop. We also have apps for iOS, iPadOS, WatchOS and Android. The smartphone application is used for checking in guests and scanning tickets. Eventtool will later also be released as a desktop version for Windows and MacOS.
The Eventtool application is free to download in the App Store and Play Store. With this app, tickets can be scanned and guests checked in. Thanks to the advanced functions, this app can be used optimally for small and large events.
Eventtool does not provide scanners. The scan app can be used on multiple devices. You can rent scanners from our verified rental partners, such as the iPod Touch or iPhone 8. The associated application is set up before the actual event occurs, which enables the organization to get started immediately.
The Eventtool app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Upon request, the app can be delivered separately or the app can be rolled out through Apple's enterprise program.
Next year we will not only roll out voicecontrol for Google Home and Alexa, but we will also integrate a piece of artificial intelligence that can forecast ticket sales based on social media, ticket prices and much more. You can always be the first to have access to these features when you have placed a pre-order!
Yes, with the help of RESTful API you can connect Eventtool to many other systems. We are also working on a link with Zapier, although this cannot be used immediately upon launch.


Payment transactions take place directly between the visitor and the organisation, without the intervention of Eventtool. There are no service costs charged by Eventtool to the visitors. Moreover, Eventtool is an actual do-it-yourself platform where the users have full control over the creation of the ticketing shop.
During the pre-order, Eventtool only offers volume discounts based on the number of tickets. Do you sell more than 25,000 tickets a year? Then we will gladly make you specified quotation.
In principle, there is no money-back guarantee with the pre-order. We want to analyze user experiences in order to optimize Eventtool. This means that, together with the users, we will gradually realise a fantastic platform that will be 100% adapted to everyone's needs. However, if the system is not delivered before 1 January 2020, the payment will be refunded.
The current price is for a license of 2 years. However, Eventtool will never increase the price for organizations that have pre-ordered, by more than 20% per term. This way, your pre-order remains profitable for life!
The pre-order license is valid the moment of delivery. That moment is reached when the beta is officially ready and send to you with a festive email. From that moment forward (expected November 1), your license is valid for two years during which no costs will be charged. If you communicate through SMS, you can purchase extra credits to continue using them.

Ticket system

On our prices page you will find exactly how many tickets you can sell per package. Are you looking for a different number? Then we will be happy to make you a tailor-made offer.
In addition to different sales channels, we also have different types of templates for the shops. This way, a design always matches your wishes. Besides designing with colors, images and fonts, you can also integrate CSS or JS files yourself to have the shop fit exactly to your wishes.
Within Eventtool you can create as many different kinds of tickets as you want. There is only a limit on the total of tickets that you generate. Test tickets are not included.
Eventtool has an API that ticket websites can connect to so that they can also sell your tickets. As the organizer, you must state this explicitly. By default, events and accompanying tickets are not shared.
Within the platform you can easily block tickets and inform visitors immediately. In addition, collaborations with ticket sales platforms will be added in the coming periods to prevent illegal sales. At last but not least, the organization can register personal tickets until the start of an event.
This depends on the agreements of the payment with the payment provider that you choose. They often pay the same day or the next working day depending on your settings. Eventtool has no influence on the agreements you have with the payment gateway.

Accreditation system

Eventtool makes it possible to add all kinds of guests such as employees, VIPs or relations. In addition, all guests can be grouped, which means they are immediately labeled with the right type of guest.
Adding accreditations is easy to arrange by registering guests by name. This way you can use preset fields and groups. This changes the input and your data is always complete.
Yes! However, these tickets will be deducted from the total available tickets from your account.
With Eventtool you can accredit all guests 100% free by name. Do you prefer to provide your guests with a personal ticket? This is also possible. However, these tickets will be deducted from the total available tickets from your account.
The complete accreditation list can easily be imported and exported as an Excel or PDF file. In addition, the list is optimized for direct printing. This allows the staff desk to check-in guests in various ways.
In addition to inviting guests, it is also possible to receive requests from guests. This can be done, for example, by creating forms via a link, allowing people to apply themselves for the accreditation of your event.