Online Event Management

Perfectly made for festivals, conferences, weddings and much more

Control over your events

By using templates you can easily create and adjust events for any kind of occasion.

Unlimited amount of events

Create as many events as you want or simply copy a previous event.

Unlimited amount of users

You can endlessly invite guests, colleagues, partners and friends using Eventtool.

Advanced ticket system

Manage your tickets, customize the design and sell them in the ticket shop at any time for any price.

Advanced guest-lists

Easily manage the guest lists. In this way, guests, employees or suppliers can be labeled and grouped based on various characteristics.

Native applications

With native apps for both iOS and Android, employees at the entrance can use Eventtool at any time.


Create a ticket from scratch, use an existing template or copy a previously created ticket design. In addition, set price stages to allow the ticket price to grow variably with the ticket sales.

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Design your tickets using the advanced ticket design functionality. You can use simple templates or completely restyle a ticket. Set your format, fonts, colors, barcode or QR code of your tickets, so that your tickets perfectly match your event.

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Sell your tickets by creating one or more ticket shops, you can choose from different ticket shop templates, then you can easily set your colors, font and layout yourself.

Choose your preferred payment provider and implement your ticket shop through an iframe or generate a link and leave the ticket shop with us.

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Use the native Eventtool app to scan tickets at the entrance. Using the latest technology, Eventtool guarantees a smooth passage and strong security and works even when there is no internet connection.

  • Scan history
  • Safe scanning
  • Offline scanning
  • Easy to use


The advanced accreditation system by Eventtool makes it possible for organizers to easily manage guest lists. For example, guests, employees or suppliers can be labeled and grouped based on various characteristics.

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These guests are then quickly invited by the system. In addition, the organizer can decide which information the guests must insert, so that the organizer retains his freedom without having to enter data for hours.

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Everything must go smoothly during the event, including checking in crew members, guests or suppliers. Eventtool makes it possible to check these people in extremely fast via all devices. No internet for a moment? No problem. The system simply continues offline and processes the data as soon as the internet connection is back.

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Software integrations

Eventtool cooperates with several companies in the field of communication, sales & payment. Through the integration of Dropbox & Slack, the preparation of the event is simplified and ticket sales can be stimulated by integrating the Facebook sales funnel. Finally, Eventtool has partnerships with various payment providers, so that the payment of the ticket sales can be realized by a provider of your choice.