Eventtool has an accreditation system for checking in staff, guests, VIPS, artists or speakers. The advanced system has dozens of functions so that it always matches the specific characteristics of your event.

Operating costs
In Eventtool you can accredit all guests 100% free by name. Do you prefer to provide your guests with a personal ticket? This is also possible with Eventtool. However, these tickets will be deducted from the total available tickets from your account.

All functionalities

Read the detailed description of the Eventtool functionalities below.

Managing accreditations

Adding accreditations is easy to arrange. For example, you can use preset fields and groups. This changes the input and your data is always complete.

Separate fields

It is then possible to add an unlimited amount of extra fields for every guest, such as date of birth, place of residence or company. This allows you to always request the desired information from the guests and adjust it per event.


The complete accreditation list can easily be exported as an Excel or PDF file. In addition, the list has been optimised so that it can be printed directly. This allows the staff desk to check in guests in various ways.


Eventtool also works the other way around, i.e. files can easily be imported from Microsoft Excel. This allows external parties to supply the guest lists in alternative ways, while the users of Eventtool can easily include this information in the system.

Ultimate control (also in 4K)

Eventtool's accreditation system is very clear and user-friendly. This is because all fields are easy to show, hide and move. This allows you to create an optimal dashboard for the effective check-in of guests. Moreover, the system is responsive, which means that it can be used optimally even with 4K resolution.

Live search

This feature allows you to search quickly as you type. Did you make a mistake in spelling? No problem. The system automatically loads suggestions that roughly match the typed name. This way employees of the staff desk can check in super fast.

Add unlimited groups

Manage VIPS, employees and artists in one list and distinguish them in various groups. Each group can be labeled with an icon or color, making it immediately clear who belongs to which group.

Fields with groups

Add fields at group level so that you can, for example, indicate how many coins all VIPS receive. Or let employees indicate via which party they have been invited.

Communication templates

Create various templates per group for e-mail or SMS, so that you can always approach guests from the accreditation list in the right way.


After the event, all reports and statistics are distributed per group. This enables you to evaluate the show / no show ratio for each group.


Beyond inviting guests, it is also possible to receive requests from guests. This can be done by creating forms via a link that allows people to apply for accreditation of a specific event themselves.

Form management

You are completely in control over the number of forms that you publish for an event. You can also determine which information the guests must fill out in order to apply for the request.

Handling requests

Moreover, you directly have insight into the people who have submitted a request for a guest list. The administrator can approve or reject these requests very fast in the total overview.


Linked e-mail or SMS templates can be used to immediately communicate the request-status to the applicants. So you can update a possible approval or rejection very easily.


Invite people via e-mail for your event. They can indicate themselves whether or not they are present at the event.

External invitations

Provide other parties the opportunity to fill in the accreditations for their own guests by themselves. For example, a sponsor can indicate with whom they are coming or a staff supplier can indicate who is coming to work.


At the guest lists you can easily indicate maximum numbers or recall invitations afterwards. That is how you keep control of your event.


By linking e-mail or SMS templates, applicants are immediately informed of the status of the guest list request. So you can communicate a possible approval or rejection very easily.

Register accreditations

During the event you can quickly check in your guests via the web or smartphone version of Eventtool. Are the guests registered by name? Then you can easily check in guests through the accreditation module using a practical button.

External invitations

Offline for a while? Eventtool works on both the web and smartphone version when you are offline and synchronizes the data when the connection is recovered..


With the accreditation system you can easily filter on basis of the assigned groups, fields or check-in status. This allows the staff desk to quickly find the right person in order to check him or her in.


The complete guest list can easily be exported as an Excel or PDF file. In addition, the list is optimized for direct printing. This allows the staff desk to check their guests in by any preferred way.


Quickly check the latest changes in the extensive accreditation overview. Made a mistake? No problem, since most actions can be reversed!


After the event you have immediately insight into the progress of the check-in. With the help of clear graphs you can easily view data about the show / no-show ratio and the check-in peaks. By analyzing this data you can continually improve your event.

SMS & Email

Never lose any communicated messages. With this function you can always retrieve your sent text messages and emails from the past.

Users & permissions

Add an unlimited number of users to Eventtool and easily manage everyone's usage rights. That is how you are fully in control of who has access to which functions.

Fields at event level

Add fields per event in order to, for example, indicate the number of tokens that all VIP's receive. Beyond that you can let employees indicate by which party they have been invited.


Are you a true Eventtool guru? Drop restrictions and get many more customization options with our advanced functions.


Thanks to the advanced possibilities of Eventtool you have complete control over your event at all times.