The platform of Eventtool is extremely advanced and consists of numerous functions. This allows you to work with the entire team to manage unlimited events. These functions are highlighted below.

All platform functions

Read the detailed description of the functionalities of Eventtool below.


Eventtool's platform is available in Dutch, English, French, and German during the pre-order. Spanish will be added afterward. On the other hand, the ticket shop will be available in eight languages.

Easy on the eyes

The platform and the app will both be available in a light and dark theme.

Two-factor authentication

As an administrator, your data in Eventtool must be well protected. That is why you can use two-step verification for free. In that case you use an unique code in addition to the regular login details that will be sent to you via a text message.


All data is securely stored on multiple servers and is only available via an encrypted connection. Both ticket data and payments are completely encrypted.


Your ticketing continues 7 days a week, so do we. That is why we provide quick and personal help via the live chat for all our customers.


The servers of the ticket shop can be deployed variably based on the expected crowds, allowing millions of visitors to buy tickets per hour. Time to spam click the refresh button!

Unlimited number of events

In Eventtool you create unlimited events without extra costs. The prices are only based on the number of tickets that are generated. This makes Eventtool also suitable for smaller events!


You can easily get started with designing your tickets by choosing one of the predefined templates. A number of groups and tickets are created immediately based on the type of event so that your shop is online even faster.


Why would you reset everything for every event? With Eventtool you can easily copy the entire structure of a previous event to any later edition.


At Eventtool you can invite users in order to work together from one single place.

Switch between organizations

Do you work for multiple organizations? Use one single account for various subscriptions, so that you can work smoothly on all of your projects.

Extensive permissions

All users can be provided with certain permissions. Use the predefined roles or create your own roles based on more than 50 permissions. You decide exactly who can see what so that you only have to deal with one thing: a fantastic event.