At Eventtool it is possible to make use of various payment providers, such as Adyen, Mollie or Stripe. As a result, you as an organization are not bound by the service costs of a ticket provider. These are not charged to the visitors, so the organization receives the full ticketing revenue. For Eventtool you only pay the yearly license costs, which is much cheaper (especially during the pre-order) than other ticket providers!

The fact that it is cheaper does not mean that the quality is poor. Eventtool is one of the most advanced ticketing platforms.

All ticketing functionalities

Read the detailed description of the Eventtool functionalities below.

Create tickets

Quickly create your tickets at Eventtool by using a template, the design of an earlier event or start all over and adjust everything to perfection.

Stock and data

Set the total availability and final sales date and let Eventtool do the work. With handy notifications we will let you know if you are (almost) sold out.

Separate fields

Set multiple fields at ticket level. For example, you can immediately request the license plate information of a visitor as soon as he or she buys a parking ticket in the ticket shop.

Set different price stages

Selling your early bird tickets automatically? That is possible with our automated price staging module. The price staging could depend on the availability of a specific number of tickets or the expiration date.


Customize your tickets completely in your style with the drag and drop design module. This enables you to easily re-position or add elements at your tickets.

Ticket sizes

Choose the desired format of your tickets in the Eventtool design module. You can choose a predefined format or set the desired dimensions of the ticket.


Eventtool has a number of standard templates to help you on your way with designing your tickets as quickly as possible. That is how you can get going quickly.


Certain guests or entire groups can be provided with a personalized ticket by using the accreditation system. These can be scanned at the regular entrances of the event.

Unlimited number of shops

At every event you can make as many ticket shops as you want, so that you can sell your tickets through multiple channels. There is no limit.

Steady connection

The ticket shops of Eventtool are hosted on various servers in the Netherlands, so that visitors always have a fast and stable connection. Thanks to our load balancing, we provide 1 million visitors per hour with their tickets.


The ticket shop can be configured on your own website, so your customers never have to leave your site. As a result, customers could purchase a ticket super quick.

Via Eventtool

Do you want to be sure that you are 100% available during the peak time of your ticket sale? Then use the (fully customizable) shop of Eventtool, connect the link to your domain or share it on social media.


Stimulate your ticket sales by using the Facebook integration. A lot of work? No, with handy tutorials you will be online in no time.

Fully adjustable

The style of all shops can be completely adjusted in color, fonts and images through the design module. Still not enough? Then use your own style sheets by uploading and applying CSS- and JS-files yourself in the shop.


The ticket shop is available in seven languages, namely: Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish, Polish and Italian. This also allows your international visitors to buy tickets without any problems.


The Eventtool application is free to download in the App Store and Play Store. With this app, tickets can be scanned or guests can be checked in. Thanks to the advanced functions, this app can be used optimally for small and large events.

Offline scanning

Are you offline for a while? No problem. You can just continue scanning, since everything will be synchronized as soon as you are online again. If you work with multiple scanners you can use the Scan-server which ensures real time insights into your ticketing activities.

Rent materials

You can rent various materials from our verified rental partners, such as the Scan Server, iPod Touch or iPhone 8. The associated application of Eventtool is set up in advance, so the organization can get started right away.


Eventtool works on the basis of the latest techniques and uses modern push interfaces to handle all functionalities properly.


Easily invite employees to the app of Eventtool in order to enable them to scan tickets directly without having access to the extensive system.

Payment provider

The payment for visitors does not go via Eventtool, but directly through the payment provider. It is currently possible to use gateways from payment providers Adyen, Stripe & Mollie.

Service fee

As an organization, you can set the service costs per ticket, if desired. These service costs have no limit and can be applied to any type of ticket. The costs are simply included in the payment of the order and are therefore always fully paid.

Transaction costs

Payment providers often request transaction costs in the form of a fixed amount of percentage. These must be paid on the total amount of the order. With iDeal, for example, it is € 0.25 per transaction. These costs can easily be included in Eventtool and will be paid by the visitor.


Does a visitor want his or her money back? With Eventtool the reimbursement is done by easily canceling the ticket (if the payment provider supports this). As a result, the administration is always up-to-date.

Supported payment methods

The supported payment methods depend on the payment provider you choose. However, a number of methods are integrated into the ticket shops, namely: Credit card (AMEX, Visa, Mastercard), iDeal, Paypal and Apple Pay.


Within Eventtool you can easily make discount codes available for visitors. These can be used one or more times and the discount can be either a fixed amount or a percentage.

Free tickets

Eventtool makes it possible to sell free tickets. The entire payment page is automatically skipped if a visitor has no paid items in his or her shopping cart.


Quickly view in one overview what the latest changes have been within the accreditation. Made a mistake? Most activities can be reversed!


After the event, you have immediate insight into the progress of the check-in. With the help of graphs, you can easily view data about the show/no-show ratio and the check-in peaks. This data makes it possible to improve your event..

Sms & Email

Never lose the overview of your communication. With this function, you can always view your sent text messages and emails from the past.

Users & permissions

Add unlimited users to Eventtool and easily manage everyone's usage rights. That way you are in complete control of who has access to which functions.


Thanks to the advanced possibilities of Eventtool, you have complete control over your events at all times.